If your carpets are looking pretty gross, you may know that they need cleaning, but cleaning takes effort and many of us do not have the time for it. We all have our busy lives to deal with and no one can say that tomorrow will be a great day for carpet cleaning with a rental machine. However, there are also people who do not want to pay a small fortune for a carpet cleaner that they will only use a few times a year. Therefore, many people choose the easiest option; hire a professional carpet cleaner to come in and do it for you. In theory, this may sound like a great idea. Your carpets get cleaned and you get to continue doing all the things you have to do, outside of your carpet.

The thing is, if you require the company to move your furniture, they will charge you more for cleaning. They will also charge you more if you only need one room cleaned and they may charge you more if you have too much of a home to clean or not enough. In short, there is no one size fits all when it comes to a professional carpet cleaning service and you may still have to put in your fair share of work to get it done.

A professional cleaner is not going to want to work around the furniture in your home. Therefore, you must move the furniture before they arrive. Ideally, you will move it to another room that you do not plan on them cleaning.

From there, the average price you will pay may vary depending on a lot of things. If you only have one small room cleaned, they may charge you more for taking up their time and equipment for such a small job. However, a large home or several rooms is also going to cost you because it will take up so much of their time in that day and that means they will be able to visit fewer homes. The same can be said for a small room versus a larger room that may actually be counted as two separate rooms in one.

In some areas, you could pay $50 per room that you want to be cleaned. Other areas may charge $150 per room. This means that it also depends on where you live and how much of a demand there is for a carpet cleaning service. In short, if you want to know an exact price for your home, you may have to call someone local and then attempt to find a service that is perhaps having a sale on their services.

When it is time to steam clean your carpets, you want to give it the best cleaning you possibly can so that you do not have to repeat it again in the very near future. The problem is, when you rent a carpet cleaner, you may not get all of the details about how to clean it properly. Therefore, you may get the carpet clean and feel that you are cleaning it the best you can, only to still have dirty carpets the day after it dries. Instead of risking it, why not learn the proper way to clean your carpets so that you can do it right the first time? Then, if you are lucky, you can wait a few months before having to do it again.

The first thing you should do is prepare for it. Ideally, you will remove all furniture from the room that you plan to clean. This is not always possible, especially if you hope to clean several rooms at one time. In this case, you may simply want to move all of the furniture to one side of the room. As you clean, you will have to move the items to the other side of the room. Make sure you are barefoot when you are walking on wet carpets that have already been cleaned. This will ensure that you are not tracking a lot of dirt onto the clean areas.

After you have everything moved, rent your steam cleaner from a store of your choice. For a single room or two you may be able to rent it for only a day, several rooms may require the two-day rental. Either way, you will want to bring it home and get started soon after.

To clean carpets properly, you should move the steam cleaner across an area going in one direction. Then you should go back over it in another direction and work your way through the room doing small sections. You should ensure that there is always soap in the machine and empty out the dirty water container as soon as it becomes full. Otherwise, you may risk it pouring dirty water back onto the floor when you move the cleaner around.

Carpet cleaning is not a hard task. It simply takes time to get through an entire room. The more often you go back over the wet carpet, the faster your carpets will dry. It may also pull more of the dirt out of the carpet, especially if you are moving the cleaner slowly across the wet areas.

If you have carpet in your home, you will at some point notice that it is not as clean as it once was. High traffic areas may become blackened due to the feet that walk through each day, spills can stain, even if it is water, it still attracts more dust and dirt to that area as well as brings dirt that may be embedded, up from the bottom. Considering that it could easily cost you a hundred dollars or more to buy a steam cleaning carpet cleaner, you may choose to go with the cheaper option of renting. It also means that you are probably trying to find the best deal in your area and an average idea of how much it will cost you to rent a carpet cleaner.

The thing is, you must first figure out how much time you will need to clean the carpets in your home. This will depend on how many carpets and rooms you have inside of your home. If you only hope to clean your main living area, you may be able to get it done within a 24-hour period. If you hope to clean all of your carpets with one rental, you may need to keep it for 48 hours. This is the biggest determining factor to renting a carpet cleaner.

Most places will let you rent a carpet cleaner for around $25-$30 for the first 24 hours. If you choose to keep it for a longer period of time, you can expect that price to go up $5-$10 dollars in most cases. That is why some people choose to go ahead and rent it for two days rather than one. It does not cost that much more to do so.

The thing is, there are usually some extra costs involved and that may change the price by a little bit. Most machines do request that you use a specific brand of soap when you use their carpet cleaner. This means that you will not be able to use just any type of store brand carpet cleaning detergent. You will have to pay more for it. Often it is still only a few dollars, but this could also depend on the amount that you need. A larger bottle will cost you more and if you need a special type then you can also expect it to be priced a little higher.